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Image of light filtering through the trees with a headline of Self-Employed and a Caregiver? You need a Restivity Plan.

When you are self-employed and a caregiver, things get complicated. It’s hard enough to manage and run your own business. It’s also hard enough being a caregiver. Combine the two and most days, you have a tricky balancing act to juggle.  We all know we need to take time to rest, but too often we …

A Restivity Plan for the Stressed Out, Self-Employed Caregiver Read More »

This image showed up in my Instagram feed recently from author and trauma therapist, Aundi Kolber. (By the way, I highly recommend her book, “Try Softer: A Fresh Approach to Move Us Out of Anxiety, Stress, and Survival Mode-and into a Life of Connection and Joy”). In her post, which you can see here, she …

Doing some deep work? You need to schedule deep rest. Read More »

The idea of Sabbath has always seemed to me like a strange, Old Testament word. I couldn’t see how it applied in our modern life. My understanding of the Sabbath began to change as I looked for ways to manage stress and anxiety. Rest is always at the top of the list for those struggling …

How Sabbath Rest Can Help Manage Stress and Anxiety Read More »

When Resting Feels Lazy

We’ve just wrapped up summer, September is here, and kids are back in school. This time of year feels like a freight train picking up speed as we start hurtling toward the holiday season. As the pace picks up, finding time to rest only gets harder. When we do find some time, we feel lazy …

When Resting Feels Lazy Read More »

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