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Balance, The Wheel of Life & Who Are You? |

I’ve been struggling with developing a cohesive collection of content (yeah, say that fast 5 times…) for Selah Studios (formerly Selah Reflections). You see, I’m interested in so many things that it is easy for me to get pulled in an “Oh Shiny!” direction or get interested in what another blogger is doing on their […]

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Find Rest in Thee |

Do you ever reach the point where you have been trying and struggling so hard, for so long only to feel like you are hitting a wall repeatedly? Or the other scenario is things are going pretty well and then suddenly, when it rains it pours and it feels like it is all hitting at

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Is it your fight or God's? |

I’m including 2 different images and 3 different translations of this verse. I like them all but each one is stated slightly different and speaks to me differently. Let me know what you think in the comments below. The part of each version that speaks to me is that “The Lord will fight for you”.

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