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Reduce your stress and anxiety by decluttering your mind |

What a year of change this has been for many of the people I know. One of adjusting expectations, plans, and goals in many areas of life and I am no exception. My slow recovery from surgery back in February and trying to get back to “normal,” or at least what I think normal should […]

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4 Ways to Stay Motivated With Your Word of the Year by

Recently I heard a startling statistic that caught my attention. It said most gym owners know that the resolution to get in shape fizzles out by January 15th. Whoah! That’s only 15 days into the new year! What does that mean for our Word of the Year? If I’m honest, aren’t I the same way?

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At the end of each year, it seems everyone is talking about making New Year’s resolutions, setting goals, and giving tips on how to make it all happen. Picking a word of the year should be different. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement. So we start making plans and dreaming about what

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Finding stilliness in the midst of the messiness of life

It’s not uncommon to have seasons of life where we want to run away from home and find a nice quiet place to hermitize and escape from the “out of controllness” of life, the “unknowness,” and the frustration over the lack of clear direction. My family has heard me say more than once, “I’m ready

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