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Sometimes in life and business you have to pivot - new blog post from

Have you ever had a season where it feels like you need to make one pivot after another until you feel all twisted around?  Yep, me too.  My current change of plans is taking care of Mr. Oliver, who just can’t do morning walks anymore, at least not the mid to longer walks we are […]

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does your calendar reflect your priorities?

What things in your life do you consider non-negotiables? It’s that time of year where we reflect on what happened during the year and consider what we want next year to look like. As you go through your year-end review and planning, here are a couple of questions you should ask: These are valuable questions

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Post updated July 29, 2021 Occasionally I get asked where does the name selah reflections come from?  To be honest… I’m not sure!  The word selah has always intrigued me, and one day I researched its meaning. As my research continued, the word reflect or reflection often showed up, too.  The name Selah Reflections stayed

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What a snowy day taught me about slowing down and resting | | #bestillmoment #rest

Post updated 2/24/2023 I love spending time outdoors. Walking, hiking, camping, and exploring, all sounds great to me. When you add snow into the mix, I’m a happy camper. And that’s the unexpected treat we got last week here on the Oregon Coast. It’s a rare enough occurrence that when we get enough to make

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January brings with it a feeling of a fresh start, but that feeling soon fades. The following is a list of tools that can help you not lose sight of your word of the year. 6 Tools to Help Cultivate Your Word of the Year |

If you’ve followed along for the last few years, I have started picking a word for the New Year instead of making resolutions. This year is no different but, I must admit that it took me longer than usual to find my word and I was getting a bit frustrated. It took quite a bit

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