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The Benefits of the Outdoors

What a snowy day taught me about slowing down and resting | | #bestillmoment #rest

Post updated 2/24/2023 I love spending time outdoors. Walking, hiking, camping, and exploring, all sounds great to me. When you add snow into the mix, I’m a happy camper. And that’s the unexpected treat we got last week here on the Oregon Coast. It’s a rare enough occurrence that when we get enough to make

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Creating A Practice of Finding Stillness

Recently I watched a video training course on productivity for creatives. About halfway through the course, it struck me; the instructor was teaching about developing a practice of creativity. Understanding this got me thinking of what other areas of life where this idea might apply. The first thing to come to mind was practicing finding

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Finding Stillness & Finding Your Happy Place

Living along the Oregon Coast these past years has deepened my love of the ocean. The sounds of crashing waves, the salty sea air, the long walks on deserted stretches of sand, collecting shells, and enjoying the quiet. The beach has become one of my favorite happy places. It has become a healing balm. It

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How Beauty, the Outdoors, & Your Environment Affect You |

“Where you do what you do matters.” ~Bob Goff The first time I heard this quote was at Donald Miller’s Storyline Conference. It was something that his friend and author, Bob Goff, had said to him. It’s one of those quotes that sits with you for awhile as you work on understanding the meaning. Since

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