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Letter Writing

Did you know that February has become a month of letter writing challenges? InCoWriMo is one of the most popular – or long-hand, International Correspondance Writing Month. Which are similar/not-similar to NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), or April’s National Card and Letter Writing Month. Confused yet?? That’s okay! Today we are going to take a …

Letter Writing Challenges: 4 Ways to Make InCoWriMo Work For You Read More »

In the digital age, are handwritten letters still important? YES, absolutely. Maybe even more imporatnt then ever before.

Sadly, over the years, a simple handwritten letter has been moved from an everyday practice to a unique way to communicate. In a world of instant messaging, texting, and email, you may wonder if handwritten letters are relevant or if they have a place in the modern world. Please excuse me while I emphatically yell, …

In the Digital Age, is a Handwritten Letter Still Important? Read More »

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