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Lessons Learned

Peace, Joy & Anchors |

Patience. Long-Suffering. Endurance. Perseverance. These are not fun words. They are not joyful words. In fact, they are words I’m happy to look past or at least talk to others about them and ignore their place in my own life!

However, they are necessary words. They are words that speak to our walk with Christ.

Patience is listed as the 4th fruit of the spirit.
In the book of Hebrews, we are told to “run with endurance the race that is set before us”.
We are also told that “love is patient, kind, it always hopes and always perseveres”…

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Essentialism: Less but better. Reflections about the book by Greg McKeown |

Every once in a while you run across a book that challenges they way you think. It changes how you view life, your business and/or the status quo. The book Essentialism has done that to me. I mentioned this book a couple of weeks ago when I talked about Personal Quarterly Reviews. Well over the

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Lessons I'm Learning: The Importance of Rest

I’ve written about this before… and I will keep writing about it, until I finally get it. We all need rest. You see, I’m a workaholic. My friends and family who are reading this are saying, “well, yeah…”. I wasn’t born this way, it’s something I trained myself to be. I was a busy, hard

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