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The Business Clarity Blueprint

A Personalized Group Coaching Experience

If you are ready to do a deeper dive into your business and website and gain the confidence you long for as a leader of your business. Here’s a quick preview of what’s inside.

  • Learn a Selah Mindset and How to apply it to Your Business: Creating habits of rest, and routines to help slow down for physical and mental health, and the margin to think strategically and intentionally about business. 
  • Learn and Apply the P.A.C.E. Method to business and cycles of clarity as business continues to grow and change:
    • Pause: A restful and calm approach to business with routines to help build margin into a regular schedule and free up the mental space needed to think clearly about you as an entrepreneur, your business and the direction you are headed. 
    • Assess: Your current business, identify the current season of growth, season of life  and uncover who you are as a business leader today and becoming as you grow.
  • Clarify: get clear on  who you are called to serve and what problems you help them solve, how you help them solve it, and take action on what you know and have learned. 
  • Evaluate: Establish a regular habit of evaluating the results of your actions, and adjust your plan as needed. 
  • Complete Business Clarity Toolkit: Get clarity about who you are today, your strengths, values, and dreams of who you are becoming.
  • Create Your Business Clarity Map: A map of what you have uncovered and identified in your journey.This is a living document that you use as part of your decision making process and refer to often. As you learn and grow your map will be updated.
  • Freedom: 
    • From the 24/7 worry of what to do about your business and the decisions you need to make.
    • Confidence to identify opportunities to serve, learn, and grow from a place of growth and healthy, not obsessive, curiosity. 
    • Excitement to grow your business from a proactive and strategic foundation.

Here are a few comments from current
coaching clients & mastermind members:

Shelby B. Ketchen, DBM

Since joining the Selah Society Mastermind, I have gained deeper clarity about myself personally and about what it is that I want for my business.

Even better, I have forged deep (and what I think will be lasting) relationships with like-minded women and have found a safe place to share and process thoughts and ideas as they do the same. All of this is allowing me to move my business forward in a way that is genuine to me and my beliefs rather than following some “formula” that someone else thought of.

~Shelby B. Ketchen, Digital Business Manager

Niki Banning Virtual Support Service Provider

I can already feel the genuine connection, care, and compassion shown by each of these ladies.

The insight given, the daily check-ins (with no pressure!), accountability, and the moments of clarity – are all priceless, especially when coming from a group where you feel valued WHERE YOU ARE.

~Shana Banning, Virtual Support Provider

Kim Steadman on business coaching for women

Marta’s guidance and support have been invaluable in helping me clarify my vision and create a plan that truly fits me and my coaching style.

Her personalized tool chest of resources also proved to be a game-changer for me, providing me with the practical tools and strategies needed to move forward with confidence.

~Kim Steadman, Writing Coach and Digital Content Creator

Are you ready to have deep, meaningful conversations that lead you to clarity about:

  • The type of business that fits YOU and not what the gurus tell you to do?
  • Understand your strengths and how you show up best for the clients you serve?
  • What types of products and services to offer – ones that light you up and allow you make a difference in the lives of those you are called to serve?
  • Know how to spot opportunities and when to say jump up and say yes!

Me too! I’ve been there, done that, for far too long.
I KNOW the freedom that clarity can bring you in your business.

I want that for you too!

Right now this 3 month coaching program has limited space
at this special introductory price of only $3000

So how does this all work?

  • Onboarding Call: 1:1 with Marta to set goals for the program, get to know what new coaching clients’ needs are and show you how best to navigate the program.
  • We’ll meet for 90 minutes on Zoom every twice a month during our 3 months together.
  • Full access to the Business Clarity Toolkit, a set of 7 workbooks, to help you find the clarity you are looking for.
  • Receive personalized feedback from me on your workbooks to answer questions, help you spot themes, and push you to dig a little deeper.
  • Create your Business Clarity Map: A map of  what you have uncovered and identified through your work with the Business Clarity Toolkit..This is a living document that you use as part of your decision making process and refer to often. As you learn and grow your map will be updated. 
  • Full Access to Selah Studios Private Online Community
  • BONUS #1: Business Review Workshop Bundle (Monthly Review Workbook, Quarterly Review Workshop & Workbook) a value of $57
  • BONUS #2: Website Clarity & Planning Workshop Bundle a value of $97

Ready to learn more?

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