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Feeling Confused About ALLLL Your Ideas??
(Let’s clear the confusion and create a simple and sustainable
business or website plan that excites you!)

Business & Website Coaching with Marta Goertzen

With all the noise and advice you are bombarded with daily you might be feeling lost, overwhelmed, and confused.
you may be thinking…

I’m feeling stuck in my business and not sure why.
My website is driving me nuts!
I need a slower and gentler approach to running my business.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Here are a few ideas of what we can talk about in our coaching sessions:

  • Identify where on the journey you are at: What resources do you have in place right now?
  • Take a look at where you are going: What business goals do you have in the next few months or years and how your website will fit into those goals?
  • Make a Plan: How to get unstuck and get you where you want to be in your business or what to update on your website and cross that project off of your to-do list.
Sharilee Swaity

“Thank you so much for your beautiful coaching and consulting today. I got way more out of it than I could have imagined. Your words and the resources you shared led to some intense thinking.

I am having one of those “stay-up-all-night, creative-mind-is-racing” evenings and have developed a “tentative” plan for how to run Grace Daily as one site, with a content plan and paid services or products I could sell almost immediately for each one.”

Thank you so much for your insight and coaching and help the last couple days, too. I have a vision now, something I’ve been trying to put together for a long, long time. Praise God!

Sharilee Swaity

Pam Blackman of

“Before I worked with Marta I had a lot of frustration and overwhelm when it came to my website! I spent a ton of time and effort reworking it, and reworking it, and reworking it some more. 10 staging sites in all, trying to get it the way I wanted!  It was never right and it didn’t have a flow that made much sense at all.  Therefore, I hesitated sharing it with the world for a long time. 

Working with Marta was a pleasure because she has an amazing gift in asking the right questions and also knowing how to keep you on track vs. wandering down rabbit holes.  She guided me through how my website’s flow should go in a way that was clear, concise and easy to understand.

Now, I have a website that I am proud to share with the world!  It’s not only pretty, but it serves a purpose.  Marta was truly an answer to prayer!”

Pam Blackman
CEO | Operations Strategist

Business Coaching &Website Consulting

1 Coaching Session – $150

  • One 60-minute call to discuss your ideas, dreams, and goals.
  • Action plan for your next steps
  • List of tools and resources discussed

3 Coaching Sessions – $450

  • 3 60-minute calls* to discuss your ideas, dreams, and goals.
  • Action plan for your next steps
  • List of tools and resources discussed

(*to be used within 60 days)

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