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Are you a Female Entrepreneur who is READY
to FINALLY get clear and confident about the
direction of your online service-based business?

Are you a Female Entrepreneur who is READY
to FINALLY get clear and confident about the
direction of your online service-based business?

You’re done with feeling like a hamster spinning
its wheel stuck in doubt and confusion.

After buying a bunch of courses, watching countless webinars, and downloading more freebies you’ve lost count you find yourself more confused than ever

The thought that you may never find the answers you are looking for has taken root. 

You feel frustrated that the promise each program offered to help you figure out your next step-didn’t pan out. Not only did you NOT find the answers and insights you were hoping for, you’re not sure why. 


You’ve also realized you are at a major decision point. It feels like it’s now or never. 

Your business has been successful, but you are craving more meaning, impact, and alignment in the work you do.

And, there’s this voice in the back of your mind telling you to not give up. The answer IS out there waiting for you. 

Clarity and direction for you and your business are possible. They’re just waiting for you to find them!

And the confidence you long for? It’s possible to find it on your clarity journey. 

You don’t need yet another “cookie cutter” solution. You’ve been there, done that, and probably ended up with the t-shirt you didn’t want. 

Knowing that about you, here are a few things I’d like to tell you about the business clarity journey: 

  1. It does not come in an instant. It is found by peeling back layer after layer of the noise and confusion you find yourself smothered in. 
  2. It comes from taking action. Taking action on what you do know right now-not just thinking about taking action. 
  3. It takes asking better, deeper, questions. Instead of trying to fit into someone else’s version of clarity, you need to ask better questions to discover yours. 

How do I know? Because I’ve been there. I’ve been you. I know what it’s like to dream of making a difference in the lives of the people you are called to serve. Of longing to love, and not dread your business again. Of having a business that excites you and does not require you to burn the candle at both ends.

Oh how I understand these dreams. 

I understand how it feels to reach that “draw the line in the sand” moment and say, “I’m ready. It’s time.”

Picture of Marta holding her 2 dogs on her lap seated on a fallen log

Hey there, I’m Marta,
and I REALLY do get it.

I’ve been you in this moment, and I understand the deep desire to stop feeling so confused about what in the world to do with your business. 

When I finally drew my line in the sand, I began a journey of discovery that changed me and my business in ways I could never have imagined. 

I had no idea: 

  • I would end up calling myself a coach, and love it. I had resisted the title for years!
  • A rebrand was in front of me, and working through the process felt like coming home coming home to who I was created to be.
  • I would start a mastermind.
  • Or that I would start a podcast, and fall in love with it. 
  • And so many more amazing lessons I would learn along the way.
Picture of Marta holding her 2 dogs on her lap seated on a fallen log

Hey there, I’m Marta
and I REALLY do get it.

I’ve been you in this moment, and I understand the deep desire to stop feeling so confused about what in the world to do with your business. 

When I finally drew my line in the sand I began a journey of discovery that changed me and my business in ways I could never have imagined. 

I had no idea: 

  • I would end up calling myself a coach, and love it. I had resisted the title for years!
  • A rebrand was in front of me, and working through the process felt like coming home to who I was created to be.
  • I would start a mastermind.
  • Or that I would start a podcast, and fall in love with it. 
  • And so many more amazing lessons I would learn along the way.

A step-by-step guided journey of discovery designed specifically to help: 

  • Women Entrepreneurs who have an online, service-based business. 
  • Women who have been in business at least 2 years and are generating an income of at least $2000/month.
  • Service providers who are ready to transition from generalist to specialist
  • Virtual assistants who are ready to move beyond “task-list” support services to diving into their clients’ worlds and support them in a meaningful and impactful way. 
  • Women who are ready for a business that fits them and does not require them to burn the candle at both ends. 
  • Business owners who are ready for a gentler approach to business and are ready to learn to work from a place of rest

Can you see yourself in that description above?
Does any of this make your heart skip a beat and feel a spark of hope?

But, the business you want feels stuck behind: 

  • Feeling trapped between the business you have, the business you want, and the business you know it can be.
  • Knowing the calling of your heart-but you’re unsure what your calling is.
  • Exhaustion and overwhelm of trying everything – and getting nowhere. 
  • Conflicting advice of all the freebies, advice, frameworks, and noise of your online business world.
  • Where to focus. There are so many ways to step into the call on your heart.
  • Confused, alone, and isolated. You wonder if there’s a way out of the confusion of too many ideas and  possibilities, leaving you feeling alone and isolated in your business.
  • Tired, stressed, and overwhelmed. Your health is suffering and your business feels heavy and hard. 
  • Stuck, scared, and second-guessing. You’ve tried so many courses, hired a lot of coaches, joined more memberships than you can count-and you are beginning to think something is wrong with you. You are tired of overthinking ALL of your decisions. 

And you are wondering how to: 

  • Regain your confidence and learn how to make brave decisions about your business. 
  • Step up into your calling, knowing you CAN help people in a way that is life-changing for them and fulfilling to you. 
  • Stop feeling so overwhelmed about all that is going on in your business.
  • Stop doubting that a fulfilling, gentle, and sustainable business is possible

For far too long, I struggled with trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. That journey lasted years as I moved from one course to the next, program to program, download after download, and worked with many coaches along the way. 

Why? Because I kept looking for that One Single Missing Piece that would change everything.
That one insight, piece of research, tip, or technique that would give me that lightning bolt answer I was so desperately looking for.

Did it help? Not really. All I really got was more confusion, and it left me feeling discouraged and hopeless. I wondered what was wrong with me. 
Until I had a few big aha moments. 

Aha #1: I had outgrown my business. I literally sat stunned at my desk as that realization hit. 

Aha #2: I’m a coach. For years, I had been saying, “I’m not a coach.” Turned out it was my favorite part of the work I did. I just wasn’t calling it coaching. 

These two aha moments sent me back to the basics of my business. I started asking better and deeper questions about my Who, What, Why, Where, and How. 

sketch style graphic of lightbulb

Since first opening the doors to my business I had learned and grown so much, but my business had not kept up. 

My business was stuck between what it was in that moment, the dream I had for it, and the potential of what it could be. 

These realizations became the catalyst of my Business Clarity Journey and helped me figure out: 

Who I am today
What problem I solve
Where do I solve that problem
Why do I love to help solve that problem
How do I solve it

Each question asked, and the answers that followed peeled back another layer. And each layer revealed more and more clarity about me and my business. 

That growing awareness and clarity gave me the confidence to move
forward in my business and make the changes I needed to:

  • Step further into the work I was called to do 
  • Speak to the heart of the women I am called to serve
  • Overhaul my brand into a truly personal brand that allowed me to show up in my business and for my clients as fully me
  • Start a podcast
  • Start my first mastermind
  • Start calling myself a coach

Finding clarity felt like I was coming home to me.

What if… 

… you knew what direction to take in your business and had the vision to get you there? 
… you had the clarity to know what things to say yes to and what to say no to? To know how to spot the bright shiny objects faster? 
… you could see your business for what it can be and take the first step to take you there? 
… you had the confidence to take those steps? 

Niki Banning Virtual Support Service Provider

“I can’t even begin to tell you how much lighter I feel after that breakthrough yesterday.”

The gentle – yet SO impactful – way you have walked me through to clarity has been nothing short of amazing, business-changing, and beautiful.

~Niki Banning,

You may be thinking, “Oh this sounds so wonderful. It’s what I’ve been longing for.
But how do I get there? How do I find that clarity for myself?
How do I finally move from feeling stuck in my business to creating a business I love and have dreamed about?”

Glad you asked 🙂

Get Real and Take Stock. 

Get honest about where you are right now in your business. Stop hiding! Facing it is hard-but it’s not so scary with the support of a coach and fellow entrepreneurs who are on the same journey as you. 

Rediscover you! 

When you have been in business for a couple of years or more, it’s easy to lose sight of you amid all the noise of social media, memberships, programs, and coaches with competing opinions. It’s important to get to know who you are today as an entrepreneur and recognize how far you have come since your business first started. My hunch is, you are going to be pleasantly surprised. 

Step Into Your Calling.

Get to know who you are called to serve and how you can help them. Do some excavating and ask better and deeper questions about what you really want to do in your business and identify who you can help best. (I think you will be surprised by how much you already know!)

The journey you take, the lessons you learn, and the knowledge you gain,
it means nothing if you don’t take action and apply all that you’ve learned.

The Business Clarity Breakthrough is for you if you are ready to: 

  • Get honest with yourself and ask some hard questions.
  • Find business clarity and discover a confidence you haven’t felt in a long time. 
  • Remember who you are. 
  • Step into your calling and serve in a deeper, more meaningful way.
  • Do. The. Work. required to find clarity. Because clarity comes through taking action on what you know and not just thinking about it. 
Shelby B. Ketchen, Stormproof Your Business Coach

Shelby B. Ketchen

“Marta has helped me to get the breakthrough I need to finally move my business forward!

I needed to reassess everything about it from who my ideal clients were, the transformation I wanted to have happen for them, and how I wanted to go about that. I also needed to redefine my own role. It’s a big order and I spent several months in confusion.

Marta has worked with me as my business coach, having me work through her Business Clarity Breakthrough. Some of it was pretty easy and a lot of it was not! And it was worth every moment of the time that it took. 

She was patient and supportive, asking questions that dug a level or two deeper as I began to get clarity. 

And then the big breakthrough happened. On a call with a prospective client, I just had a crystal-clear certainty about who my ideal client is and is not and how I want to serve them.  I am certain that I’d never have gotten to that moment of clarity without all the work that Marta and I did together.

In the Business Clarity Breakthrough, I’ll be your guide and cheerleader through the 90-day discovery process as you peel back those layers of confusion and find the clarity you are looking for. 

When you start your Breakthrough Journey you’ll receive:

Your Clarity Breakthrough Roadmap

The tools and resources you need to guide you
through your business clarity journey.

Business Clarity Breakthrough Roadmap
  • Business Clarity Toolkit: A collection of life and business-changing workbooks, each intentionally designed to help you dig deep into who you are as an entrepreneur TODAY. 
  • Custom Business Clarity Map: A “grow with you” map that you will use throughout your entrepreneurial journey. Your clarity map captures what you have uncovered in your clarity journey. As you learn and grow, your map will grow with you. 

Personalized Feedback & Support

Here you will get my personal attention on your clarity journey and receive feedback and suggestions each step of the way.

Business Clarity Breakthrough Personalized Feedback
  • Welcome & Onboarding Chat: This is our first opportunity to get to know each other. Together, we will set some goals for your journey, and show you how to navigate the program in a way that fits you. 
  • Weekly Feedback & Support: Submit your workbooks to receive personalized feedback to help you spot themes, patterns, and insights to help you in your clarity journey. 
  • Voxer Support: Ongoing Voxer support to ask any questions as they popup and receive fast* answers. (*with some healthy boundaries of course!)
  • Monthly Q&A Coaching Calls: Get to know your fellow clarity-seekers, ask for support, and give support in return.
  • Pushback: I am not afraid to pushback and ask you to dig a little to help you find the answers you are looking for. 🙂 

A Business Clarity Guide

You won’t take that journey alone.
You will be supported each step of the way.

Business Clarity Breakthrough Guide
  • Personal Guide: I’ll be your guide to help you ask the big questions and help you ask the questions you need to ask so you can find the answers you are looking for.
  • Insights & Clarity: Digging deep, answering hard questions, and getting honest with yourself can be a life-changing experience, IF you are willing to do the work. Each step of the journey will give you more and more clarity, each step will build upon the next.

The Business Clarity Breakthrough is a 90-Day program.
Why? For 2 primary reasons.

  1. The Business Clarity Toolkit can help you find the answers you are looking for in about 4-6 weeks. HOWEVER. You will start to doubt yourself. Fear will pop up and you will need time and help to navigate those doubts and fears. You will be supported through that doubt, and together, you will learn how to stand firm in that clarity
  2. If you rush the discovery process too quickly, you are not giving yourself the gift of digging deep to find the answers that have remained hidden for so long. On the flip side, when you take more than 90-days, you lose momentum.

You DON’T need more freebies, podcasts, and competing opinions.
You DO need a guide who will walk you through your business clarity journey and help you peel back the layers of confusion to get to the core of you

You DON’T need another cookie cutter solution that tries to force you into a framework or methodology that doesn’t fit you.
You DO need to learn to be you and who God has called you to be, and that takes time.

Kim Steadman on business coaching for women

Kim Steadman
Author Coach

I was ready to give up on my coaching business.

Maybe it was time to shift focus, and maybe God was through with using me to coach writers. I knew in my heart what I wanted to help them through and do. But, I was having a hard time articulating and connecting with new clients. 

Through Marta’s Business Clarity Breakthrough, I was able to articulate a clearer vision. She helped me sift through all my thoughts and content to distill a message that resonated within my core and gave me the confidence I needed to continue with a more defined coaching and creating business. 

I bet you are wondering… how much? Let’s get to it. 

The 90-Day Business Clarity Breakthrough Program includes:

  • A 1-hour Onboarding Call with Marta (valued at $150)
  • The Business Clarity Toolkit (valued at $397)
  • Personalized Feedback on your Business Clarity Toolkit Workbooks (valued at $450)
  • 90-Days of Voxer Support with Marta (valued at $600)
  • Monthly Q&A Coaching Calls (a total of 3 – valued at  $225)
  • A Custom Business Clarity Map (honestly this one is priceless! It is evidence of your work and your journey!)
  • BONUS #1: Ticket to the Quarterly Business Review Workshop (valued at $27)

Total Program Value: $1829


Only $1297
(or 3 payments of $433)

If you are ready to: 

  • Experience Freedom and Less Stress: You are no longer stuck on that hamster wheel, spinning fast and going nowhere. You HAVE the answers you’ve been looking for and the clarity you’ve been seeking.
  • Find the Business Clarity You’ve Been Looking For: Finally get clear about who you are today, your strengths, values, and dreams of who you are becoming.
  • Find the Fuel for your Fire: Get excited about your business again. Step into who you are called to be and discover the work that is fulfilling for you and oh-so-meaningful and transformational to those you love to serve.
  • Find the Confidence to Market & Grow Your Business: Now you know what direction you are headed, you know where to focus your marketing, and you can now make strategic decisions to move your business forward.

It’s time to get started.
Click the button below to fill out the application and take your next step
to finding the business clarity you’ve been longing for. 

Have a few questions?

What do you think? 
What would your business look like if you FINALLY
found the clarity you’ve been searching for?

The ball is in your court!

Are you ready to do the work to find your business clarity?
Yes? That’s an exciting decision.

Then your next step is to fill out the application below. 

PROGRAM: Business Clarity Breakthrough
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