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Books from Selah Press

Mini-Retreat Guides

Mini-retreats are short activities that are easy to plan, require few supplies, and usually require little to no travel.
Unless you want to. 

The Selah Journal: An Invitation to Pause

Learning to pause in the midst of stress, busyness, or a crisis is a journey, not a one-stop destination. It’s a journey with many starts, stops, and a retracing of steps. It’s also a journey well worth the effort.

The Selah Journal is an interactive journal with thoughtful articles, beautiful photography, and reflective journaling prompts.

Take A Photo Noticing Walk is an invitation to take a walk in nature and slow down long enough to look and see, really see, the small details you normally miss as you rush by.

This guide includes planning checklists, itinerary ideas, a mini-retreat journal, and more.

The Daily Quiet Time Journals

Developing a meaningful and creative daily devotional time
does not need to be overly complicated.

Choosing Gratitude Book Cover
Be Anxious For Nothing Book Cover
His Unfailing Love Book Cover
Confident Hope A Daily Quiet Journal

Prayer & Gratitude Journals
Bible Verse Picture Books for Women

5 Weeks of Bible Verses, Gratitude, Prayer, and Celebrating the Beauty of God’s Creation.

Be Still & Know Picture Books & Journals

Developing a meaningful and creative daily devotional time
does not need to be overly complicated.

Be Still & Know That I Am God Book
Be Still & Know That I Am God Devotional Journal
Be Still & Know That I Am God: Prayer Book

Poetry & Blank Journals

Coloring Books

Coloring has been shown to help improve focus, reduce stress, and have calming effects on the brain. With this in mind, the coloring designs in this book are intentionally simple and less intricate. Simple enough that it won’t take days to complete, and you won’t need a magnifying glass to color all the small details.

This coloring book is for fun and relaxation, it’s not meant as a high-end, frameable art. The goal of the simple coloring designs in this book is to give you a tool to destress. Perfectionism and expensive art supplies are not needed!

Easy Coloring Books: Snowflakes Edition
Book cover for Easy Coloring Books: Flowers edition

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