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Marta Goertzen

Marta Goertzen is an entrepreneur, writer, WordPress Website developer, and nature photographer. She daily explores the trails and beaches of the South Central Oregon Coast with her dogs Oliver & Mochi. You can follow along on their adventures on Instagram. Marta also fully believes that change starts with gratitude and that gratitude can change everything. Find out how with the "Grateful Friday 7-Days of Gratitude Starter Kit"

Post updated July 29, 2021 Occasionally I get asked where does the name selah reflections come from?  To be honest… I’m not sure!  The word selah has always intrigued me, and one day I researched its meaning. As my research continued, the word reflect or reflection often showed up, too.  The name Selah Reflections stayed

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Years ago, I had a fun side-hustle. I made soaps, lotions, and other fun bath and body products. Actually, it’s more accurate to call it an expensive hobby. There were several things I loved about that side hustle. A love of research and development. Finding the raw materials and packing supplies I needed. Learning about

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