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Marta Goertzen

Marta Goertzen is an entrepreneur, writer, WordPress Website developer, and nature photographer. She daily explores the trails and beaches of the South Central Oregon Coast with her dogs Oliver & Mochi. You can follow along on their adventures on Instagram. Marta also fully believes that change starts with gratitude and that gratitude can change everything. Find out how with the "Grateful Friday 7-Days of Gratitude Starter Kit"

The Selah Entrepreneur Podcast - Episode 39 - There's Beauty To Be Found in the Messy Middle

Have you ever felt stuck in the “messy middle” of your business journey? In this episode I’m sharing a recent experience where one of my morning walks with my dog, Mochi,  inspired me to think differently about this crazy journey of entrepreneurship.  I’m sharing how our winter storms changed the trails we were exploring were […]

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The Selah Entrepreneur Podcast - Episode 38 - Do you need to know the why behind your business?

Do you ever find yourself asking and wondering, “Do I need to know the ‘why’ behind my business in order to have a successful business?”  If so, you’re not alone.  Do you need to know? I’m gonna give you my super definitive absolute answer, possibly. Maybe.  And the reason I’m saying that is that I

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Setting Effective & Gentle Business Goals: A Journey of Clarity and Intention Setting effective business goals is a crucial aspect of growth and success, but it’s not just about jotting down a list of desires. It’s about cultivating a deeper understanding of your core values, aligning your goals with your faith, and pushing beyond your

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