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Marta Goertzen

Marta Goertzen is an entrepreneur, writer, WordPress Website developer, and nature photographer. She daily explores the trails and beaches of the South Central Oregon Coast with her dogs Oliver & Mochi. You can follow along on their adventures on Instagram. Marta also fully believes that change starts with gratitude and that gratitude can change everything. Find out how with the "Grateful Friday 7-Days of Gratitude Starter Kit"

The Selah Entrepreneur Podcast - Episode 27 - You Need a Simple Weekly Business Examen & Review Practice

The Importance of a Weekly Business Examen & Review for Christian Women Entrepreneurs In this episode, we’re talking about the importance of regularly reviewing and reflecting on your business, as well as how to create a practical and doable routine for this purpose. I’m taking you through five simple steps to conduct a weekly examen …

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Feeling stuck in your business? Maybe you’ve forgotten how unique you and your business are. As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to feel stuck or unsure of the direction our business should take. We often try to fit our business into someone else’s expectations, losing sight of our own unique perspective and approach.  In this week’s podcast …

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