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Marta Goertzen

Marta Goertzen is an entrepreneur, writer, WordPress Website developer, and nature photographer. She daily explores the trails and beaches of the South Central Oregon Coast with her dogs Oliver & Mochi. You can follow along on their adventures on Instagram. Marta also fully believes that change starts with gratitude and that gratitude can change everything. Find out how with the "Grateful Friday 7-Days of Gratitude Starter Kit"

3 Ways We grow up in life and business

In a lot of recent conversations, we’ve been talking about the need to grow up in our businesses. For many solo entrepreneurs, we get stuck in our old, and safe feeling, worker bee mode. It’s hard to move out of that way of thinking and make the changes we need to be intentional and strategic …

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do you know your business decision making process?

I’d like to introduce you to an unexpected visitor to one of my garden beds.  Say hello to what I am calling, “Mr. Potato The Interloper”. It’s really not his fault, it’s mine. Apparently, I planted this guy last summer and forgot about it. In fact, I don’t even remember it growing last summer, but …

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clarity conversations with Marta Goertzen

My Guest: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Conversation Transcript Marta: Hello, and welcome to a, just a short interview with my friend Shelby. I’m Marta Goertzen. I am the owner and operator over at Selah Studios, where I coach women entrepreneurs, specifically coaches and consultants to find clarity in their business. And today we’re talking about …

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why I share a weekly gratitude list

You know what? I can’t remember sharing why I send out a weekly Grateful Friday email and how it got started.  Time to remedy that ;).  Looking back, I can identify two memorable events that shifted how I thought about gratitude. Each played a role in showing me why I needed to start a daily …

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What do Rock Hunting, Silence, and Mental Health Have in Common? Recently I had the opportunity to take a day to get out of my office and take some time to clear my head. This time I chose… Rock Hunting: I scheduled a vacation day this week so the nicer weather came at the perfect …

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