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DOWNLOAD: Business Clarity Assessment

The Business Clarity Assessment

Fun! I’m so glad you are here and ready to take the assessment.

I KNOW first hand how frustrating it is to feel stuck and confused about your business. Finding clarity brings a new confidence to see and design your business in a new light. This assessment is the perfect next step for you.

Click here to access and make a copy of the assessment via Google Docs
(NOTE: You can download a copy as a PDF or Word Doc by going to “File –> Download”)

While you are here you really should check out my podcast ;)!

The Selah Entrepreneur Podcast Cover Art

On the The Selah Entrepreneur podcast, my goal is to help you find ways to get unstuck in your business, cut through all the noise of conflicting advice, get clarity about your online business, and learn ways to reduce the stress and overwhelm you feel as you try to take care of your family, your health, your clients, and your business.

If you are ready for a business that works for you in the current season of life you are in, then it’s time to stop buying all the courses, filling countless journals, and wishing that something would change. Let’s roll up our sleeves, ask those hard questions, as we sojourn together through life and entrepreneurship as women over 50.