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Do you struggle with Anxiety?

Are you tired of the same old
generic, and unhelpful advice like…
“You need to reduce your stress”?

Ready to build your own Anxiety Toolbox?

It can be so overwhelming to find tools and resources that go beyond, “you need to reduce your stress”, or “…..”. This has been the standard response from most of my doctors over the years.

Trying to find helpful advice that went beyond generic has been difficult.

In this email series you can take a peek at some of the tools in my Anxiety Toolbox as a jump start to creating your own.

Get ideas for your own Anxiety Toolbox

Wooden Toolbox with Tools

Here’s what you will learn:

  • A list of what is currently in my toolbox to help you get started in creating your own.
  • A list of resources for tools to consider in your own toolbox.
  • The encouragement that you are not alone. A few fun surprises along the way 🙂