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Aimee & the Whale

When Aimee was 4 or 5 or so, we had a 16′ boat with lots of freeboard for safety.  While crabbing at Newport, Winona pointed out how calm the ocean was.  I had mentioned going out some day, and if any day was the day, this was the day.  We bought some ocean-bottom jigs and set out.  The further we went, the smaller the boat got and the less we could see shore from the tops of the swells, but things were smooth.  We dropped our lines to the bottom, including Aimee’s Zebco, with instructions to leave it down on the bottom because it takes so long to get it up and down again.

The highlight of the voyage was the breeching of a large whale, near enough to see it in great detail and see and hear it’s huge spout, but at a safe distance, although I couldn’t help but wonder if he had seen our hull and veered left.  We were still in shock when it submerged and wished we could have had time to grab our cameras.

Aimee began reeling in her little Zebco.  It was rare for Aimee to not follow the ‘rules’, so I asked her why she was doing that.

“I want you to throw it out on that side so I can catch the big one.”

By: Ron Goertzen, Daddy

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