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Ready for a gentle and sustainable approach to running your online business?

Ready for a gentle and sustainable approach to running your online business?

Gentle Business & Website Coaching · Grow Your Business Sustainably · Learn Restful Routines

Gentle Business Coaching for Women

You are ready for a better way of doing business.

You’ve downloaded the freebies and bought the courses…
but, you still feel overwhelmed and confused about what to do with your business.
Your business isn’t working and it feels like something is off…

Let me know if any of this sounds familiar…

  • You’re business doesn’t fit right anymore: The work you are currently doing no longer feel fulfilling.
  • You love your clients: But you know you have more to offer your clients and how you can serve them.
  • You are feeling called to more: But you’re not sure what yet and don’t bring it up with your colleagues or family, afraid they wouldn’t understand.
  • You know Something Needs to Change: But you are not sure how to slow down long enough to figure it out or what steps to take to make the needed changes.
Marta Goertzen holding her dogs Oliver & Mochi

That’s where I was, for far too long…

16 years ago I made a rather sudden decision to quit my job and start a business that I could run from my kitchen table. 

I was determined to create a business, and schedule, that gave me the freedom to play a bigger caregiving role for aging family members who needed more of my time and attention.  That “rash” decision opened the door to some grand adventures, including:

  • Starting a virtual assistant business that soon pivoted into WordPress website development and support. 
  • Working with 100s of clients to create websites and help bring their businesses online.
  • Adding consulting services after discovering a love for talking to my clients about their business dreams and plans as we talked about their websites.
  • Starting a publishing company that has produced over 16 journals, coloring books, and a yearly landscape photography calendar.
  • Writing a book, “The WordPress Website Discovery Guide: 7 Steps to Easily Plan A Website That Works For You”.
  • Starting a small mastermind that is changing lives, including my own.
  • Producing my first mini-audio summit to help women add restful routines into their busy schedules to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • With more fun ideas on the near horizon.

Then the day came when it hit me, “I’ve outgrown my business!”.

And this realization in 2020 sent me down a path and a journey I never expected.

That journey took me through deep exploration of my values, strengths, what was working in my business, what wasn’t, and so much more. There was a lot of prayer and journaling, asking God, “What are you doing and where are you taking me?”.

Next came the crazy idea of combining my two businesses into one.

One business focused on sharing tips and resources about managing stress and anxiety, and the other offered website design and development services. There was no way these could both live under “one roof”.

Until that “lightbulb moment” where I could see the common thread between these two seemingly separate audiences. No matter who I talked to, in either business, everyone was dealing with high levels of stress and overwhelm and were looking for a different way to do business.

Talking about rest, stress, and anxiety on a website along with business and website coaching may seem strange at first.

Talking about rest, stress, and anxiety on a website along with business and website coaching may seem strange at first.

My clients were looking for was a gentle and sustainable way of doing business.

They were looking for the clarity and confidence they needed to create and design a business that FIT them.

Ad the first step in that journey is learning how to slow down, and adding intentional rest routines, (without guilt!).

This journey lead me to realize I was stepping into the calling on my heart as a Gentle Business Coach.

And I love helping women just like you find clarity, step into you calling, and create a business you love again.

Marta helped me clarify my vision and create a plan that truly fits me and my coaching style.

Kim Steadman

What I appreciated most about Marta was her ability to really listen to my concerns, ask intuitive questions, and help me explore my own feelings and business ideas in a deeper way.

Her personalized tool chest of resources also proved to be a game-changer for me, providing me with the practical tools and strategies needed to move forward with confidence.”

~Kim Steadman
dba Lifter Upper

I have a website that I am proud to share with the world!  It’s not only pretty, but it serves a purpose.

Pam Blackman of

“Before I worked with Marta I had a lot of frustration and overwhelm when it came to my website! I spent a ton of time and effort reworking it, and reworking it, and reworking it some more. 10 staging sites in all, trying to get it the way I wanted!  It was never right and it didn’t have a flow that made much sense at all.  Therefore, I hesitated sharing it with the world for a long time. 

Working with Marta was a pleasure because she has an amazing gift in asking the right questions and also knowing how to keep you on track vs. wandering down rabbit holes.  She guided me through how my website’s flow should go in a way that was clear, concise and easy to understand.

Pam Blackman
CEO | Operations Strategist

I have gained deeper clarity about myself personally and about what it is that I want for my business.

Shelby B. Ketchen, DBM

My business is about two years old and has been in the middle of a growth spurt. It’s the messy middle between a new business and a business that must evolve.

I needed to reassess everything about it from who my ideal clients were, the transformation I wanted to have happen for them, and how I wanted to go about that. I also needed to redefine my own role. It’s a big order and I spent several months in confusion.

Marta has helped me to get the breakthrough I need to finally move my business forward!  

Shelby B. Ketchen
Business Strategy & Management Svcs.

Ready to for a gentler more sustainable approach to your business?
Here are a few ways we can work together to make that happen:

I’m so tired of feeling stressed and confused as I try to figure out what my business and I are supposed to be when we “grow up”!

I need a breakthrough in my business clarity journey.

I’m READY to move forward with clarity and confidence in my business.

The Selah Society Mastermind

I LOVE my business. It frustrates me at times but I know this is a gift from God and I want to steward it well.

But, sometimes I have questions, need feedback and someone to point out the Bright Shiny Objects that get in my way.

I’m also ready to not do this alone.

I need help and I need to talk with and walk through my options.

My website needs updating, I’ve changed, my business has changed, and now it’s time for my website to change. OR…

There are so many things I COULD do in my business, I’m confused which next step to take.

Before you go!

Marta & Mr. Oliver
Marta & Miss. Mochi
  • I live along the South Central Oregon Coast so I share a lot of photos of the amazing places I get to see every day.
  • I’m a dog mom and we head out on daily morning walks. I use both the camera on my phone and my “big camera” slung around my neck to capture the beauty we see along the way. You can follow along with our adventures on Instagram.
  • I’m a sci-fi and fantasy nerd fan (hello you Scruffy Looking Nerf Herder). Don’t ask me to choose between Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of The Rings, Marvel, X-Files, Stargate SG-1/Atlantis, Doctor Who, or The Hunger Games, or…
  • And I should warn you, that you probably would get annoyed if you ever watched Star Wars (aka The OG, aka A New Hope, aka Episode 4) with me as I tend to quote the entire movie. Yeah, I’ve watched it more than once ;).
  • I talk about and share stories about my dogs Oliver and Mochi. A lot. Sorry, not sorry.
  • Dark chocolate is best.
  • And my favorite name is “Auntie Marta”, which is good because there are over 20 kiddos, adults, and adults who have their own kiddos, who call me that now. 🙂

If you stick around long enough you’ll hear me say these more than once…

  • “Great!” or “That’s awesome.” or “Awesome pawsome.” or “That is so cool.” (yeah I’m old retro)
  • I’ve got good news and bad news for you. Your website is never done.” The good news is that takes some pressure off of you right now that it has to be perfect and include everything under the sun. The bad news is it’s not a set-it-and-forget-it proposition, you will need to update and maintain your site regularly.
  • “Pause, Reflect, Create, Grow”. This is the framework of a lot of what I do.
  • “Keep it simple. Keep it sustainable, and steward it well.” – this is the theme, the heart, the motto of Selah Studios, and is the filter I use to keep my sanity.
  • “Rest IS an action step that should be on your calendar.”

Gentle Business & Website Coaching for Women
Keep it simple. Keep it sustainable, and steward it well.

Gentle Business Coaching for Women
Keep it simple. Keep it sustainable, and steward it well.

How’s Your Website Doing?

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  • Do you know the role your website plays in your business?
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Feeling Stuck in Your Business?

  • How is your overall business clarity?
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  • Do you know your business personality
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