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3 Ways We Grow Up in Life and Business

In a lot of recent conversations, we’ve been talking about the need to grow up in our businesses.

  • Taking our businesses seriously
  • Making grown-up decisions
  • Thinking more like a CEO rather than a freelancer

For many solo entrepreneurs, we get stuck in our old, and safe feeling, worker bee mode. It’s hard to move out of that way of thinking and make the changes we need to be intentional and strategic leaders in our businesses. 

Growing Up Over Time: 

We naturally learn things and gain experience in life and in running our businesses. There are things we just pick up along the way and become better at what we do. 

The more clients we work with and the more we hone our skills, the more we will find confidence in the work we do. It’s not a bad way to learn. 

3 Ways We Grow Up in Life & Business

Growing Up is Often Forced Upon Us: 

This often happens in stressful seasons of life. Suddenly, we need to make quick decisions and learn the ropes on the job. We stumble our way around until we, hopefully, find our footing. 

Years ago, my Great Aunt fell, broke her hip, and required extensive rehab time. We quickly realized that she could no longer live on her own. It was hard to have that conversation and explain our concerns. 

My role of great niece and helper quickly turned into caregiver and decision maker. She started telling everyone, “She’s the boss of me!” Thankfully, she didn’t seem to mind too much. 😉

Learning on the job required me to:

  • Get a power of attorney
  • Access to her bank accounts
  • Work with social workers
  • Talk on her behalf with Medicare, her apartment manager, and the nursing home she eventually moved into 

Talk about learning and growing up on the job!

I was grateful for that experience years later when we needed to make similar decisions for my Mom and her eventual move into assisted living.

It was much easier the second time around. Plus, I’ve been able to help others going through similar experiences and give suggestions on how to make it easier and resources to check into. 

Growing up and learning on the job isn’t easy, but you sure learn fast.

Growing Up Because You Decide: 

There also comes a time when you draw a line in the sand and declare that now is the time to make some changes. There is some sort of shift in how you look at the problem, the growth opportunity, and realize you are now ready to take the needed steps to grow and change. 

This can be one of the most powerful ways to grow up. 

Over my 15+ years in business, I made many attempts to start a newsletter for my clients and readers. Most failed within a few weeks or months at the most. There was something that kept me from gaining any momentum. That something was me, of course!

Then, back in April 2020, something changed. I was ready to make the commitment to send out a weekly email to my clients. That decision eventually became the Grateful Friday email you are reading today. In the past three years, I’ve only missed one week, when my Mom was in the hospital. 

I don’t share that to brag. I share it because I’m shocked LOL. It only took me about 12 years of being in business to get consistent with sending a newsletter! 

When you are feeling stuck or when you are facing a decision that feels daunting, sometimes you have to put your big girl pants on and just start. You decide to start and then you decide to keep going. 

It may not be pretty, and your first steps may not be easy, but the important thing is you just have to start. Then you take another step and another… and soon you look back and three years have passed and you’ve consistently sent out a weekly newsletter. 

Growing Up Without Support is Hard

Running a business is not for sissies. And it is a lot harder without coaches, communities, and biz besties to walk that journey with you. 

Hire the coach, join the membership, find a confidant, or find someone or someones who will be there to cheer you on when things are hard and when things are going well. 

Get connected to a group of people who get you and the journey you are on. Find your person who will tell you to “put your big girl pants on and get to work” and gently point out your blind spots. These same people are often your biggest cheerleaders and supporters. 

Having that kind of support can make an amazing difference to your business and to you personally. Knowing that you are not alone, have a place to ask questions, get support, and accountability has changed my business. 

That support has come through coaches, memberships, masterminds, and having a biz bestie on call. I personally would not be where I am today in my business without this type of support and experience. They have helped me and my business grow up.

What area of your business needs to grow up??

If you would like help and support in your business, from a group of women who get it, and get the journey you are on, I invite you to check out the Selah Society Mastermind. It might be just what you are looking for and we would love to support you and your entrepreneurial journey.

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