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Gentle Business and Website Coaching for Women with Online Service-based Businesses

For women over 50 who are ready to build a business based on who YOU are, who you are called to be, and ready to step into that calling with clarity and confidence.

Gentle Business and Website Coaching for Women with Online Serviced-based Businesses

For women over 50 who are ready to build a business based on who YOU are, who you are called to be, and ready to step into that calling with clarity and confidence.

✓ Find Clarity & Direction

✓ Feel Confident in Your Business

✓ Learn to Work From Rest

Entrepreneurship is one of the most intense personal development programs you can go through.

Do you ever struggle with…

  • Knowing what your website needs to do and say?
  • Overwhelmed by all the business development choices available to you?
  • Confused by all the business advice coming at you in your inbox and social media feeds?
  • Being an intentional leader of your business?

I struggled with these questions and more, for far too long. Would you like help skipping some of those years of struggle?

Where are you in your business?
Where do you need help?

I’m so tired of feeling stressed and confused as I try to figure out what my business and I are supposed to be when we “grow up”!

I need a breakthrough in my business clarity journey.

I’m READY to move forward with clarity and confidence in my business.

The Selah Society Mastermind

I LOVE my business. It frustrates me at times but I know this is a gift from God and I want to steward it well.

But, sometimes I have questions, need feedback and someone to point out the Bright Shiny Objects that get in my way.

I’m also ready to not do this alone.

I need help and I need to talk with and walk through my options.

My website needs updating, I’ve changed, my business has changed, and now it’s time for my website to change. OR…

There are so many things I COULD do in my business, I’m confused which next step to take.

My business motto:
“Keep it Simple. Keep it Sustainable. And Steward it Well.”

You don’t have to figure out your business all on your own.

  • You can stop buying all the courses, training, and downloading all the freebies.
  • Your website can work smarter for you and help you build your business.
  • You can join a supportive community to help you grow a sustainable business.

Now, I have a website that I am proud to share with the world!

“Working with Marta was a pleasure because she has an amazing gift in asking the right questions and also knowing how to keep you on track vs. wandering down rabbit holes.  She guided me through how my website’s flow should go in a way that was clear, concise and easy to understand.”
– Pam Blackman,

Kim Steadman on business coaching for women

I was ready to give up on my coaching business.

“Marta helped me sift through all my thoughts and content to distill a message that resonated within my core and gave me the confidence I needed to continue with a more defined coaching and creating business.”
– Kim S. Steadman,

Hey there, I’m Marta Goertzen

Over 16 years ago I made a rather sudden decision to quit my job and start a business that I could run from my kitchen table.

I was determined to create a business, and schedule, that gave me the freedom to play a bigger caregiving role for aging family members who needed more of my time and attention.

That crazy idea has grown and changed over the years to include titles like web designer, author, photographer, mastermind facilitator, podcaster… and now, coach.

I love helping entrepreneurs dive into their businesses and:

  • Discover who they are now, in the current season of life they are in
  • Get clear about what type of business fits them today
  • Learn how to design a business that doesn’t require them to burn the candles at both ends
  • And how to create websites that serve them and help them reach their business goals
Marta Goertzen holding her dogs Oliver & Mochi

The Selah Entrepreneur Podcast

Feeling Stuck in Your Business?

  • How is your overall business clarity? Fuzzy or crystal clear?
  • Do you know your business personality and style?
  • Do you know what type of client you help best?
  • Do you know the problem you help them solve?
  • How stressed is all this making you??

The Business Clarity Audit is your best next step to answer these questions and more.

The Business Clarity Audit