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Business and Website Coaching for Women Coaches and Consultants

Helping women find the clarity and direction they need to design a restful and sustainable business.

Business and Website Coaching for Women Coaches & Consultants

Helping women find the clarity and direction they need to design a restful and sustainable business.

✓ Find Clarity & Direction

✓ Feel Confident in Your Business

✓ Learn to Work From Rest

Entrepreneurship is one of the most intense personal development programs you can go through.

Do you ever struggle with…

  • Knowing what your website needs to do and say?
  • Overwhelmed by all the business development choices available to you?
  • Confused by all the business advice coming at you in your inbox and social media feeds?
  • Being an intentional leader of your business?
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Here’s How I Can Help

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Selah Society Mastermind

I’m ready to invest in myself, and my business, and connect with other like-minded women who are building sustainable businesses.

Website Support Services

I’m ready to plan, create, or update my website and create a website that works for me and my business.

Business Coaching

I’m ready to find the clarity and direction I need to become intentional and strategic in my business.

My business motto:
“Keep it Simple. Keep it Sustainable. And Steward it Well.”

You don’t have to figure out your business all on your own.

  • You can stop buying all the courses, training, and downloading all the freebies.
  • Your website can work smarter for you and help you build your business.
  • You can join a supportive community to help you grow a sustainable business.
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“First and foremost I want to say that you have been such a blessing to me!!! I love my new website and I’m truly beyond thankful to have met you.”
– Wendy Perry

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“Thank you so much for your insight and coaching and help the last couple of days, too. I have a vision now, something I’ve been trying to put together for a long, long time. Praise God!”
– Sharilee Swaity

Hey there, I’m Marta Goertzen

Over 16 years ago I made a rather sudden decision to quit my job and start a business that I could run from my kitchen table.

I was determined to create a business, and schedule, that gave me the freedom to play a bigger caregiving role for aging family members who needed more of my time and attention.

That crazy idea has grown and changed over the years to include titles like web designer, author, photographer, mastermind facilitator, and soon-to-be podcaster… and now, coach.

I love helping entrepreneurs dive into their businesses and:

  • Discover who they are now, in the current season of life they are in
  • Get clear about what type of business fits them today
  • Learn how to design a business that doesn’t require them to burn the candles at both ends
  • And how to create websites that serve them and help them reach their business goals
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How’s your website doing?

Is it helping you meet your business goals?
Do you know the role your website plays in your business?
Download the Healthy Website Checklist, take the assessment, and find out!